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postheadericon Finer Balances for the Best Job Options

The labor market has changed fundamentally in recent years. Previously, it was enough to put an ad in the local newspaper and filter out the right candidates from a mountain of applications. The labor market was for most areas a so-called employer market. This means that the companies were in a comfortable position as they had a large selection of applicants.

The demographic development has led to the labor market shifting in favor of workers in many professions. The number of vacancies is greater than the number of professionals who could fill these vacancies. One speaks of a labor market. This means that companies are (have to) recruit qualified professionals. For qualified and high-performing workers, this situation is pleasant because they can choose a new job. From mangal jobs and profile now you can explore the very best deals.

Hiring new employees is a sales process

Hiring people is basically a sale like any other. However, the product you offer is you and your company. As with any sales process, you must first define who you are looking for. Then it’s about presenting your company in an attractive way in order to attract attention and convince applicants.

Find new employees: Good preparation leads to success

A detailed job description facilitates the search for the suitable candidate. It defines the activities, tasks, goals, and results for each area and every workplace in the company. It also defines the qualifications needed to successfully complete the tasks. The job description allows you to focus on the all-important question: who do I actually need? On this basis, you can also consider where to find the right people and how to best address and excite them.

Find employees – how and where?

Precisely because it has become so difficult, there are now a variety of ways and media to look for new employees. Not every method is suitable for every sector or job. We would like to give you a brief overview.

The Basis: Your own career site on the Internet

A well designed website with career opportunities is indispensable today. Almost all interested parties will visit them before contacting you. No matter what media you use to show ads or appeal to applicants, serious job seekers will first get an idea of ​​your company there. Anyone who appears boring or unprofessional here, we put off by applicants before.

So make sure your own website has a “Career Opportunities” section that is attractively designed and maintained on a regular basis. List the career steps and benefits that you can offer to new employees. Show which training you offer and what your company values.

The career side is a self-evident basic tool, but of course not sufficient, because it is not an active recruiting tool.

The favorite: job portals on the Internet The most common form of employee search is according to a recruiting study with 92 percent a job posting in one of the countless job boards.


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