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Law firms and lawyers in the market today ask for a huge amount. Accordingly, it is difficult to choose a competent and qualified specialist without knowledge of some nuances. Litigation concerns a difficult segment, which is actually inaccessible to the average person, and therefore, finding an intelligent person who will properly conduct (and win) the process is of utmost importance. So, these tips are made to help you make the right choice.

Check qualifications

At first glance, the difference between a general lawyer and a professional lawyer is not noticeable, but a lawyer such as James Lyle attorney is a person who has passed a special exam on the qualifications of a professional lawyer. Its status is confirmed in the manner prescribed by applicable law. The assignment of the title of “lawyer” is accompanied by registration under a unique number, which is checked on the website of the bar association. In turn, lawyers are not subordinate to the territorial chamber of lawyers, which means that there will be nowhere to complain about bad faith.

What specialization?

Fortunately, today’s lawyers realized the importance of thorough study of individual segment – an accident, family litigation, arbitration, there is a lawyer specializing in labor disputes, administrative affairs attorney, etc. Therefore, recessing beyond the standard base can be difficult. Do not be shy to specifying in which area the lawyer has the highest level of training and practical activities.

Of course, what an administrative lawyer is dressed in does not play a special role in office work. However, it is useful to remember that a person careful to him will be a quality approach to the activity.


A law or law firm is not a school; no assessment is made for behavior. But if a lawyer constantly turns to specialized literature, is nervous, cannot answer simple questions, etc., this should be alarming. Either the person is not competent in a particular issue, or does not want to take on such a matter.

A lawyer who is friends with judges of course is a great comrade. But in case of violation of the client’s rights, the need to “dig deep” into the essence of the matter, the specialist will not spoil the established relations with the authorities. It means that, most likely, it will not be able to help in full force.


“Free cheese is in a mousetrap”, well-known saying, the meaning of which comes usually late. It is logical to assume that a good lawyer will not provide services for free or at a huge discount. The legal field is not an area where “freebies” are possible. No one will study the details of the case at night, plod over documents, run around the authorities for free.

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